I have a genuine love and respect for animals and nature
I will respect the public and environment at all times
I have experience handling dogs and I am trained in pet first aid and cpr
I will not use any form of punishment on an animal
I will abide by the animal criminal code stated by law
I will pay attention to the dogs in our care at all time and be respossible for their behaviour
I will not walk any dog that shows aggressive behavior whereas any person or animal can be harmed
I will clean up after the animals in my care and dispose properly of any waste
I will not disclose any private, personal or confidential information about our clients
I will not advertise falsely any services or credentials
I will show courtesy to fellow pet care professionals and shall not seek to discredit or undermine the reputation of another pet care professional and shall refrain from malicious libelous and /or slanderous comments at all times
I will not solicit the clientele belonging to another pet care professional
I will endeavour to ensure the health and safety of the dogs in my care at all times

I will endeavour to ensure the safety and well being of people and animals we meet while on our walks

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